We love to travel and fully experience all the world has to offer. It has been said that we take the best vacations and we tend to agree. Our vacations go pretty smoothly because we are intense detailed planners, so we thought why not share our expertise. Customers can choose from a selection of vacation itineraries for sale in our online shop. Our goal is to provide you with travel information, so you have more time to relax and enjoy your vacation. Why spend countless hours scanning the internet or travel books when we can do it for you. Each itinerary is designed from our personal travels and acts as a perfect guide for you to enjoy a beautiful vacation. Our unique style of travel focuses on food/dining, hiking, scenic drives, personable experiences with locals, and finding hidden treasures. We tend to leave out the history and museums as there are many guides available to assist you with that. Each guide will help you explore the outdoors, taste new cuisines, and experience new cultures. This unique insight to travel will help guide you to new places in new refreshing way. In addition, we also feature travel information in our Food and Travel Magazine. The magazine is published quarterly and features stories from our personal travels.